Protect the Places You Love.

The Maine outdoors enriches all of us. Decades of cooperation between landowners and the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife means that these lands are open for use by Mainers and tourists for recreational purposes.

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Enjoy it, don’t destroy it.

Share your love for Maine and the land. The Outdoor Partners Program recognizes the importance of access to private land and works to preserve and enhance access, as well as improve relations with landowners. The Program creates a more conscientious recreational user and works with landowners and land-users to address issues associated with access before they become larger problems.

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Access to private land is a privilege, not a right.

  Landowners who permit you to use their land for outdoor recreational activities are not only doing you a favor, they place their trust in you.

It’s important you do the following:

  • Plan ahead and ask for permission to be on the premises
  • Respect any and all special requests made by the landowner
  • Understand clearly where you can and cannot drive or park your vehicle and abide by those restrictions
  • If requested, provide the landowner, your name, address, phone number and vehicle description. Try pre-printing a Landowner/Land User Courtesy Card.
  • Know the property boundaries of the land you have permission to use and stay within those boundaries
  • Railroad and utility corridors are not public rights of way and require permission for access
  • Always OBEY THE LAW

Thank A Landowner.

Remember that you are a guest when using someone else's property. Make an effort to express your appreciation for the opportunity to use the land for recreational purposes. Take the time to say "Thank you," and always leave the land as you found it.

There’s no excuse for land abuse.

Each year, access to private property is lost due to land abuse. If you see a violation occurring, contact Operation Game Thief at 1-800-ALERT-US