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Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) protects and manages Maine’s fish and wildlife populations and their habitats, while also keeping people connected to the outdoors through recreation, sport, and science.

We are biologists, game wardens, and educators all in on a common mission: responsible, safe enjoyment of the Maine outdoors. We believe a healthy ecosystem makes life better for all the fish, wildlife, and people who call Maine home, as well as for the visitors who call it Vacationland.

While MDIFW is a state agency, our work is funded by sportsmen and outdoorspeople. Our revenue comes through the sale of hunting and fishing licenses/permits, boat, snowmobile, and ATV registrations, as well as state sales taxes on hunting and fishing gear. The more people who actively enjoy Maine’s natural resources, the more ability we have to enhance, preserve, and protect them for the future.

Basically, we’re all in this together. Biologists. Game wardens. Educators. And you – the hunters, fishermen, and everyday adventurers who support our work.

For recreation, for hunting, for fishing, for science, or just for fun: we’re all in for the Maine outdoors.

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Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife's Warden Service has 9 Special Teams.

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K-9s can tell the difference between identical twins.

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K-9s identify subjects only by scent.

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The Maine Warden Service K-9s need to be recertified each year.

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“Hasty Search” is when the K-9 works very quickly.

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