it’s never too late to become a bird watcher!

How many Maine birds do you think you could identify?

You don’t have to go far to experience Maine wildlife – in fact, you can just look out your window into your yard! With hundreds of species native to Maine, bird watching is the perfect activity to take up in your spare time. The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife works to conserve birds and their habitats to keep this hobby alive. For birding, all you need is some binoculars, a bird book and an eagerness to learn more to become a Keeper of the Maine Outdoors.

Things to remember while bird watching.

  • Reach out! Birding is great activity to get small [quiet] groups involved.
  • Seasonal patterns and habitat preferences are important to know for each bird.
  • Patience is a key ingredient to bird watching.
  • There is a level of respectfulness; do not trespass on private property or create an unfriendly environment for the birds.

From seabirds to songbirds.

Maine is the perfect place to take up bird watching. Learning to identify birds is not a costly activity and it’s something you can enjoy for years to come. Get excited and get out there!

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Maine's hunting and fishing licenses are the only funding source for MDIFW.

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Black bears are most active in Maine during January - April.

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Black bears are herbivores (eat plants only).

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Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife has more than 300 employees.

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Maine has over 35,000 black bears.

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